A Christmas review!

One of the best things about the holidays? The chance to read without that guilty ‘you should be marking’ sensation! This is a review I’ve just written for a great new series:

The Stern and Wild Ones is the first book of the Seeker Series and will rekindle your love of all things paranormal!

Ally is just sixteen when she begins to have visions that would send most of us running to the psychiatrist! However, witty, brave, and sidetracked by the good-looking bad-boy who sits behind her; Ally is determined to solve the mystery of her psychic episodes.

This is one of those stories that hooks you in from the start and keeps you alongside the characters right to the very end. Ally is not your typical teenager – still believable and appealing but without the stereotypes that can be so frustrating in books about this age group. And she is surrounded by equally unconventional characters – her rather theatrical ‘Grams’ being my personal favourite.

Most of the teenagers I teach would love this story but the humour and wide range of characters open it up to a much wider audience – I have four aunts in their 50s-60s who I suspect would love this too!
If you have an interest in strong paranormal mysteries; like a good dash of humour and wit with your characters and can appreciate a sprinkle of romance – this is the book for you. I’m off to buy the sequel!

The Stern and Wild Ones (The Seeker Series Book 1) by Reece Evhans

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