‘Amanda’, ‘Mandy’, ‘Mum’, ‘Oi You!’ are just some of the names this author is known by. For the purpose of writing she chose the rather more professional sounding ‘A. Moran-Soley’.

Twelve years ago A. Moran-Soley made the leap from teaching literature at High School, and reading bedtime stories at home, to writing her own fantasy fiction. It was a long old leap – she only published that book last year! With her confidence buoyed up by book one, books two and three followed swiftly.

Although the original story was inspired by her son, he grew up before she had the courage to finish it. Now, the author hopes that others will discover the Eshla trilogy and will enjoy the place as much as she does.

A. Moran-Soley is more than qualified to create mysterious and fantastic worlds for you to explore, having spent years tapping the back of wardrobes, looking for the entrance to Narnia.

In summary, she’s a 40 something – Mum – daughter – wife – English teacher – 50% crazy cat lady – a gin drinker – constant dieter and now a writer!

All three books in the trilogy are available now!  If you do read them, please add a review to Amazon, it makes a big difference to Indie authors x

Buy her books here!


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