It’s here!

The sequel to ‘The Lost Heirs’ is available to buy now!

How do you disguise a fluffy blue alien in Victorian England? How do you stop your evil headmaster from ruining your exam grades? How do you live down the humiliation of your whole year group thinking you have a teddy bear in your rucksack? Join Eric as he searches for the answers in the next Eshlan adventure.

The quest continues with Eric, Corbin, Rose and Lydia trying to release the next prince from the Bel-Arayba cave. The four friends have some tough decisions to make while looking for the second stone in 1842, and things are getting pretty tricky in their own time too as Lowick Bradwar, masquerading as their head teacher, steps up his plans to get back to Eshla.

Meanwhile in Eshla itself, things are far from peaceful, as the malicious Galed continues her campaign against the Arwain family.

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‘The Second Stone’ is the second book in The Eshla Adventures series. Be sure to read the first: The Lost Heirs – a five star Amazon rated, middle grade/YA steampunk, fantasy adventure! FREE for today only…

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A sad week

This should have been quite an exciting week! Tomorrow my second book is available in the kindle store, and to celebrate, my first book is free for 24 hours. This should have been one of those busy, buzzy weeks where I’m crazily typing tweets and blogs and posts to let people know.

In reality, this is the first time I’ve thought about it properly. I and my family were blind-sighted at 10pm on Sunday when my four year old cat, Gatsby, suddenly lost the use of both his back legs. The panic and fear that followed will be familiar to any cat owner who has loved and lost a fluffy companion, but suffice to say it led to his peaceful death on Tuesday morning.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there will be people reading this who have lost far, far more than a cat in their lifetimes, and some who may be grieving for loved ones right now. I don’t write this blog to suggest that losing a pet is anything akin to losing a parent, or a child, or a close friend. But it does leave a gaping hole.

Gatsby was a character cat. By that I mean, he wasn’t one of those aloof felines who sit and watch you from a distance. He was a tail wagging, in your face, I-want-to-be-wherever-you-are, sort of a cat. He was on your lap, behind you as you walked, meowing to be let into the bathroom when you were on the toilet, chasing any random shadow, stalking any flash of light. Basically, he had the knack of keeping in your line of sight at all times! Don’t ask me how, he just did!

He was the inspiration for Espog, Eric’s purram in the Eshla adventures, and he was the inspiration behind a lot of the laughter in our house on a nightly basis. In short, he will be missed. A lot.

So, sorry for the slightly sad tone – normal service will hopefully resume tomorrow, when I’m bound to be bombarding you with ‘buy-my-book’ blogs 🙂


The beginning of the end!

I’ve been a little bit quiet recently – editing, writing book three, trying to sell my house and a million little things! However, today was another major milestone for me, as I uploaded the final version of “The Second Stone” to Amazon, ready to be published on the third of April.

It’s a bit of a funny feeling, being so close to the end of the series. I have just two chapters left to write on the first draft of the final book, and to be honest, I’m holding back from doing them! Despite all the editing processes still to come, once those last words are written, that will sort of be it – no more decisions to make about the characters and their decisions, no more plot twists to figure out, or problems to solve. I feel quite sad about the whole thing!

I started writing about Eshla, twelve years ago because I thought it would be fun for my son to read. However, lack of confidence meant, by the time the first book was done, he was too old for it! Even in the years where I ignored my characters, I still carried them with me, and wondered what they were going to do! Soon it will all be done and dusted, and I’ll have to move on to the next project.

For now, I’m going to delay those last two chapters a little bit longer, and play on the internet for a bit instead!


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