The King’s Chamber

The third and final part of the trilogy is here!

Time is running out for Eric and his friends to release the lost heirs of Eshla! With the final prince, and true King of Eshla, still trapped within his icy blue chamber, the lost stone must be found before Lowick Bradwar can return to wreak havoc. Eric, Corbin, Rose and Lydia (and not forgetting Espog) find themselves mingling with polite society in 1795, whilst desperately hunting for the missing key. As they get caught up in the lives of people from the past, the four find themselves beginning to consider their own options, and how Eshla has changed their lives forever.

Join Eric and the others on their mission to sabotage Lowick, find the last key and decide their own future, in this time travelling, steampunk, fantasy adventure to a different world.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00072]

Click on this link to download The King’s Chamber for free with Kindle Unlimited or buy in paperback or on kindle.

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