Musing on marketing

October will be an exciting month! I’m finally starting to write properly again and have twisted my brain back around to marketing the Eshla series. So, the trilogy will be available free for two whole days on the third and the fourth.

three books

Which means the next two weeks, I’ll be like a headless chicken trying to get all to get all three books advertised as free on as many sites as possible!

I tried a countdown deal before the summer but found it was nowhere near as effective as the free days that Amazon offer. Has anyone had any success with countdown deals, and if so, how did you run them?

It’s tricky, trying to focus your brain on marketing one series, while you’re writing in a completely different genre!

If you do pick up a copy of any of the books free, please help out and leave a review.


2 thoughts on “Musing on marketing

    • A Moran-Soley says:

      Wonderful! Thanks so much. I’ve been a bit stunted with reading and writing for about 5 months now – I changed jobs and moved country! Seer and Oracle are next on my list and the reviews will follow – it’s such a great series. I really need to carve out a writing niche in the day, like I had before too – you miss it when it’s gone! I’m venturing into the world of murder mystery now – will just have to shut the office door on the unpacked boxes! I hope you’re well and still going on with the series. Do you know how many parts it will have?


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