Review: The Lost Heirs, by A. Moran-Soley

Thanks Karin, I really appreciate it!

Garden Scoops

DSC_0464 BNomadic

When I saw “The Lost Heirs” on a blog, I decided to read this new author, A. Moran-Soley, and am delighted I did. The story is rich with suspenseful and intriguing descriptions that kept me turning pages. One of my favorites: “Long grasses waved back and forth in a peaceful way that reminded him of a snake being charmed.” The author creates a journey that glides effortlessly across sci-fi, historic, and realistic worlds.

The story begins when Eric, a British boarding school student, falls into the world of Elsha and discovers a prince who is desperately trying to find his brothers. Eric, along with his friends, commits to helping the prince and embarks on an adventure through worlds known and unknown.

I have respect for fiction writers. The task of creating memorable characters in a fictitious world is difficult and A. Moran-Soley excels at doing so in contemporary and unusual settings. Her…

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