What is Eshla?

The short answer: the world Eric Grayson finds himself in, after being pulled through the Jarmuthe Chasm.

In a bit more detail – Eshla is divided into roughly four regions: The Jarmuthe region is mainly meadows, moors, hills and dales with some forest. A large proportion of the plants used to power Eshla come from here.


The Cedwigod region, is mainly forest with cities and houses built into the trees. A green, energetic light flows around these beautiful homes. Anna lives here in the lively city of Pren.


The Caregon region, is the hardest land – mainly rocks and stone but the mysterious Bel-Arayba cave lays at the heart of it.

Bel Arayba Caregon

Finally, the Elgion region, is made up of salt water and numerous water-islands with elegant canals.


At the center of all this is Hendref, the royal city, with its unusual skyline of distinctly shaped buildings, in a warm butter coloured stone, and flying machines which weave in between them. Hendref is covered in copper and brass pipes and mysterious humming machines.  This is where the Arwain family have their home: Hendref Castle.

To explore further, purchase ‘The Lost Heirs’, the first Eshlan adventure.

7 thoughts on “What is Eshla?

  1. Daniel Waltz says:

    I love what you did with this. Did you create the pictures yourself? I, too, write fantasy and sci-fi and I’ve been wanting to post some things similar to this. Ever think of making a collective map?


    • A Moran-Soley says:

      Ive just been to your page! I’ll be downloading your book very soon – there dont seem to be many in our genre at the moment! I google searched copyright free images and used a sight called ‘morgue pictures’ I think it was. They were all free! Then i used an app to add cartoon effects. It was for a trailer (I blogged it earlier) which I put together using animoto. It’s all a big learning curve! I’d love to do a map but im not massively artistic – more technical! How would you do a map?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Daniel Waltz says:

        Thanks so much! And you’ve got the awesome steampunk mix in yours, too! I’ll be adding a little bit to mine as the series progresses because steam punk definitely has a place in my heart. And okay, that’s really cool. I’ll be checking out the trailer as soon as I finish writing this comment haha. And I know what you mean by a learning curve. Man is it a learning curve. And for a map, I guess my way of going about it would be to compile the collection of common places into one sheet on photoshop or something. But you’d need a big collection plus someone who can use a track pad in photoshop. Unless you made the map using your mouse tracker or something and made that part of the ascetic. I’ve been doing some sketches (I’m also horrible when it comes to drawing) but I want to look into hiring a professional. I don’t know, I think people just dig maps. Or maybe that’s just me. We’ll find out I guess! And I’ll be checking your book out on amazon, too, soon!


      • Daniel Waltz says:

        I have a couple people in my contact list that I’m going to approach about it. If it turns out well I’ll be sure to share their info. 🙂 And where can I find your book trailer?


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