The Big Push!

This is a shameless request for advice from indie authors everywhere. Now my first book has a cover I love and is being properly proof-read, and my second book is going through the same process, I’ve started looking seriously at the best ways to market them.

The problem is, I’m drowning in options! Amazon select, Goodreads promotions,, Bookbub, facebook promotions and about 300 twitter promotion offers! Does anyone have any advice about what works and what should be avoided? Most of all, I’d like to know if anyone has tried They sound amazing, but then they all do!

Any feedback gratefully received!

5 thoughts on “The Big Push!

  1. samulraney says:

    BookBub works. It seems like a lot of money, but the payoff is tremendous.

    Amazon Select is a bit of a toss-up. Average payout has been lower since the introduction of Kindle Unlimited. Used to be ~$2 per borrow. Now they struggle to reach $1.40. good for folks priced at $0.99, but the rest are “losing” out. I’ve had good success with Select, but I’m thinking of pulling a couple of my books out and putting them back into other venues.

    Goodreads promotions are for the long-haul advertiser. You won’t see immediate returns (if any), but it’s sort of nice to always have something like that running in the background. I plugged in $30 months ago and have $10 left.


    I used bknights ad. They use Twitter and Facebook to promote. It was ok. eReader News Today has given me good returns.

    Never used Bookdaily.

    Good luck!

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  2. Joye Johnson says:

    Samulraney isn’t right about Facebook ads. You pay to reach people, then have to pay again to boost each post to the same people. Even if they like your page, your posts won’t necessarily show on their news feed. I find that Facebook is better for personal social media.

    Twitter is serving me well as far as reaching actual humans. But if you run a promo, steer clear of the ‘get more followers’ option. A lot, and I mean a LOT of trolls and porn accounts will follow you. Genuine people will follow you too, but you’ll wind up blocking more than you keep. The great thing about Twitter is the opportunity to join chats on subjects that interest you and your readers. Plus it gives your readers a chance to ‘know’ you. They get to see what kind of writer you are without having to commit to buying your book. Once they like you, they will like your books. (Two of the best Twitter feeds are George Takei and Hugh Laurie)


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