What a year!

When I pause and think about it 2014 has been fairly epic. It’s been a year of adventures and new starts: marriage, new job, a second book almost complete and the leap into self publishing!
I say leap; it was more of a trip and a stumble followed by a huge learning curve! I naively imagined that I could proof read 65,000 words myself, draw a quick cover, slap it out through Amazon, get some friends to read and review and the thing would sell itself!
The reality is: the cover looks clumsy and has held me back from marketing ‘The Lost Heirs’ (I’m having a professional one done right now); I’m on my sixth reprint of the text and people are still pointing out errors! (As soon as I’m paid next month I’ll be employing a proof reader); and whilst lots of friends have happily bought the book (bless them!) few have reviewed it (one to be exact), people are just busy, that’s all. I’ve found the best way to get honest reviews is to approach other authors on WordPress who are in a similar position to me and offer to buy, read and review their books if they’ll do the same. It’s a slow process but it’s honest and it’s opened me up to some genres that I wouldn’t normally bother with; improving my own writing to boot.
So for 2015 I’ll be focusing on professionalism; investing in the project I’ve poured my heart and soul into these last few years. By Easter the second book should be available (proofread and with a proper cover!); and I’ll be experimenting with various different promotional methods whilst completing the third book in the series. I’ll let you know which ones work!
Have a wonderful 2015 – may it be full of dreams come true.


4 thoughts on “What a year!

  1. revhans says:

    Thanks so much for reaching out to me for a review! What a great idea. You’ve encouraged me to reach out to more indie authors to read and review. We are all in a similar position, trying to get our work into reader’s hands. It’s a tough battle and it’s nice to know other authors are fighting the good fight!


    • A Moran-Soley says:

      I agree, its been the most fantastic way to get honest reviews and really opened me up to new genres. Im sure my writing’s improved for reading your work and that of other indie authors. Thanks to you too.


    • A Moran-Soley says:

      Thanks Taytaqua, same to you. I’m sure we will – there are so many exciting options in self publishing but it helps no end if you can find someone who’s already tried something! Happy New Year x


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