Disappointing Half Term

Hmmm… With a whole week off I should got so much done! I think that must be the lament of writers everywhere; does time work differently if you’re an author? I really did plan a great week though – writing everyday, exercising, healthy foods – the works! And I achieved practically nothing (although I did read a couple of fantastic books – more about those later). Now I’m wondering if I set my goals too high, it’s a bit all or nothing with me. Is that another writer thing?
Therefore, it didn’t take much to make the whole week seem unachievable – some bad news about a family member… A cold … A few late nights with a bottle of wine! Suddenly it’s Sunday and I’m back at work tomorrow with a feeling of failure hanging in the air.
New goal: just do a tiny bit each day. Even if it’s just a paragraph. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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